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How to Ease the Transition to Assisted Living

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When your loved one has lived independently for so long, moving to assisted living can be a significant shift in life. Aging in place isn’t always possible, and transitioning to assisted living can be safer, smarter, and less stressful in the long run.

From the initial conversation until after the move is complete, the transition to assisted living may not be smooth every step of the way, but there are steps you can take to make your loved one feel secure in the process. Packing carefully, visiting the community, getting to know other residents, and getting involved in community activities can be helpful ways to ease the transition to assisted living.

At Silver Comet Village, assisted living can empower your loved one to be as independent as they like while removing the daily tasks from their to-do lists. We want your loved one’s golden years to be spent doing the things they love in a safe, welcoming community of like-minded neighbors. 

When Should You Consider Transitioning to Assisted Living?

Starting the conversation about moving to assisted living may be an easy one. Your loved one may know that they need to move on from the challenge of living independently.

However, if your loved one needs more convincing, the conversation will be more delicate. The goal is to have your aging family member in assisted living before an emergency happens, so you need to watch for changes in your loved one, including:

  • Confusion in keeping track of bills, parking tickets, or payments
  • Struggles in performing basic household tasks
  • Delaying medical appointments or avoiding medical attention
  • Difficulty engaging in their social relationships

Assisted living at Silver Comet Village can allow your loved one to build meaningful friendships, make their responsibilities more manageable, downsize to a smaller living space, and access convenient professional services.

Steps to Ease the Transition to Assisted Living

Even if your loved one accepts their new life chapter, it’s full of unknowns, and there are some steps to consider to smooth the transition to assisted living.

Visit Silver Comet Village 

Try to schedule an extra visit to Silver Comet Village before the move-in date. Your first visit was likely full of researching the community, examining the logistics, and planning for the future.

Another visit that emphasizes familiarizing yourself with the community, residents, and staff with focus can help your loved one feel more settled and at ease in their new home.

Pack Carefully

There’s a balance between taking everything your loved one owns and replacing their things. Their new apartment will likely be smaller than they’re used to, so bring the sentimental items and your loved one’s favorite things to make the space instantly comfortable and homey.

Whether you try to copy the style and layout of their familiar living space or opt for a new start, small details matter more. Photos and their most precious things can set the tone for their fresh start.

Group of senior men playing cards outdoors.

Get to Know Other Residents                                               

Silver Comet Village’s residents and staff are a built-in community for your loved one to find support. With neighbors and residents close by, your loved one can make new friends at meals and during activities, and help them feel more settled into their new home.

With constant support and companions, you won’t have to be concerned that your loved one’s isolated.

Enjoy Activities & Events

One benefit of assisted living for your loved one is all the time they’ll have for leisure. Whether they want to rediscover a forgotten hobby or try something new, nurturing their hobbies is important for their mental health

Your loved one will have time to enjoy art, fitness, entertainment, and more to keep them happy, engaged, and healthy.

The Emotional Transition Matters

Going through the motions of moving may be easy for your loved one, but processing their move emotionally can be more challenging. They may have strong emotions tied to their long-time home and possessions and go through a natural mourning period for that chapter of their life. Even knowing assisted living is the right step, their emotions are valid. Processing those emotions and thoughts as a family or with professionals can help your loved one thrive in their new chapter.

Spend Time with Your Loved One at Silver Comet Village

Now that your loved one is settled in at Silver Comet Village, they have everything they need, but there’s still room for family time. Visit your loved one for lunch, take them out, and bring family time to them to create new memories.

Begin the Transition to Silver Comet Village Assisted Living

Start your search for your loved one’s new home at Silver Comet Village. Schedule a visit to tour the community, see our apartments, and meet our staff to discuss our approach to assisted living.

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