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How To Choose an Independent Living Community?

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Are you retired and are considering senior living? Or you’ve realized that your home, once your pride and joy, is too much to manage alone? 

You are not alone. Many seniors transition to senior living communities, and independent living is one of them. With many options out there, how do you choose an independent living community? 

We have you covered with what questions to ask and what information to seek to choose the right one based on your needs and preferences. 

What is Independent Living?

Independent living caters to older adults, generally 55 and over. Housing arrangement varies from apartments to condos to detached homes. 

Independent living provides a maintenance-free lifestyle, with most communities offering some amenities and services. Seniors living in independent living require little to no assistance with daily living or medical care. 

There are many benefits associated with choosing an independent living community, from safety, convenience, and social connection to freedom. Here are the top considerations when deciding which independent living community to choose. 

What’s the Size & Location of the Community?

Independent living communities vary in size and density. Do you prefer a smaller or bigger community? Deciding will depend on how comfortable you are with lots of people and enjoy socializing with activities to keep you engaged and active. 

Location is another relevant factor when choosing an independent community. Do you want to live in a warmer climate or be closer to family, friends, medical care, and support? 

Does the community provide parking if you have a car? If you no longer drive, you may want a location closer to your doctor’s office, stores, or public transit. 

What Activities & Services Does the Community Offer?

Activities and services in independent living vary from community to community. Choose one based on your interests, preferences, and lifestyle you seek. These will impact which activities you like and how you interact with others in your community. 

Many independent living communities offer activities tailored to residents’ interests to encourage participation. These may include fitness, games, outings, dining out, and volunteer opportunities. 

Services usually include all maintenance. Things to enquire about:

  • Are laundry and linen services included?
  • Is housekeeping included in the rent?
  • Do they provide transportation services for outings?
  • Do they offer communal meals if you wish to partake in the future? 
a carer at an independent living facility serves a senior woman lunch

What Safety Features Does the Community Provide?

Safety is usually a big concern among seniors, with many aspects to consider, especially if living alone. Most independent living communities offer safety and security for their residents. But it’s always good to ask about protocols and features. 

  • What is the protocol for various emergencies, including medical and non-medical?
  • Is there around-the-clock security?
  • Are apartments equipped with safety features, such as walk-in-showers or hand bars to prevent falls and injuries and emergency buttons?

What is the Cost of Independent Living Communities?

One of the factors influencing your choice of independent living is budget. The cost of independent living can vary depending on multiple factors such as location, demand, and amenities or services offered.

Many seniors choose to live independently to maintain their lifestyle and not worry about too many expenses. Most independent living communities offer affordable pricing with access to amenities included in the rent. 

Prices can fluctuate, so its best to determine the cost by asking the following questions:

  • Total monthly cost and how often is it expected to change? 
  • What does the monthly rent include, and what is the cost of extras?
  • Do they require a security deposit, and how much is it?
  • What are the lease options, and is there a price difference?
  • What incentives do they offer, if any?

Who Benefits the Most From Independent Living Communities?

The transition from living at home to independent living can be overwhelming for some seniors. Many may believe they are giving up independence and freedom to do what they want and anticipate isolation from family and friends with boredom.

On the contrary, independent living is:

  • Maintaining your independence
  • Hassle-free living to spend more time doing what you love
  • Freedom to choose activities and social engagements
  • Enriching experiences for physical and mental wellness
  • Feeling safe and secure 

Independent Living at Silver Comet Village

Can you imagine living in a community where your day-to-day tasks are taken care of, and you can spend your days doing what you enjoy? Silver Comet Village offers you this and more, but don’t take our word for it; come and see for yourself. 

Call or schedule a tour to find out what our community offers in independent living. 

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